Do’s & Don’ts of Myanmar

  • Do say “Mingalarbar” when meeting someone, use  “U” in front of men names and “Daw” in front of women names;
  • Do let the oldest be served first;
  • Do offer articles with both hands and keep both feet on the ground;
  • Do bend slightly in front of the elders;
  • Do dress and act decently, speak slowly and clearly;
  • Do ask permission before taking photographs;
  • Do Myanmar currency should be exchanged at the official exchange counters and banks;
  • Don’t disturb people praying or meditating;
  • Don’t touch anybody’s head; Don’t touch women;
  • Don’t point a finger straight in the face;
  • Don’t step over any part of the person;
  • Don’t go where you are advised not to go;
  • Don’t traffic, handle, or use narcotic drugs;
  • When entering pagodas or monasteries, wear decent clothes (no shorts, bare shoulders or chests) and take off your shoes;
  • Don’t sit with your back towards Buddha’s image;
  • Show respect to monks, novices and nuns, don’t offer to shake hands, a woman should not touch a monk, don’t step on a monk’s shadow;
  • Don’t handle Buddha images or sacred objects with disrespect or keep them in inappropriate places (on the floor for example).


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